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Lawren Divya BurroughsReviewsout of 14 reviews

Kind, courteous, professional and timely legal representation.
I needed a no contest divorce and I looked online and found Lawren Burroughs. There were a few others that did inexpensive, no contest, online divorces, but the reviews were bad. Lawren’s reviews were good, so I went with her and I couldn’t be happier. My ex-husband was deployed, so things dragged out for a bit on our side, but as soon as I had an update, Lawren responded promptly. I would recommend her to anyone in need of legal services.
— Kate
I chose Frugal Law based on reviews, cost, and the fact that there was an actual Virginia lawyer at the other end of the email rather than some generic online service that may or may not have properly updated forms or be as aware of specific state law as they should.

Mr. Burroughs not only provided the service of a no-fault divorce, but he did so with outstanding attitude and courtesy, quick responses to numerous, numerous questions, and kindly handled a stressful situation very helpfully. I feel that he went beyond his duty in giving advice when my (now) ex suddenly decided to stop cooperating. It all worked out and once we got the final paperwork in, the divorce was done in less than two weeks!
— Rebecca C.
You have made this a painless (well, considering it is a painful topic, maybe not the right choice of words) low cost option to what could have been a financial and (more) emotional nightmare. The decree was issued three weeks to the day of your submission of documents to the court in Norfolk. I could not be more pleased with the time frame, user friendly online experience, and your willingness to answer my questions.
— Lisa H.
My spouse and I were marriage out of state during a time where same-sex marriage was not recognized here in Virginia. I wanted something simple and cheap. Frugal Legal Services fit the bill. I was divorced in fewer than 2 weeks. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I was referred to Frugal Legal Services by a friend who was divorced a short while ago. I had called around for prices and was quoted fees I just couldn’t afford. The process was nice and easy.
— Dan G.
I had not been separated from my wife for a full year but I knew that we were done. We got married because we got pregnant and I was due to deploy. I called the office and they talked me through the process. I used Frugal Legal Services to draft my separation agreement. After a few months, I will go back and finish my divorce.
— Brandon G.
My ex-husband and I are both in the Navy. We had been married for a little over a year but we hadn’t lived together for over a year. We both acknowledged that getting married was a mistake and we needed a quick and inexpensive divorce. Frugal Legal Services was the perfect solution. At first I hesitated because an online and inexpensive divorce had to be too good to be true. After one phone conversation with the attorney, I was convinced that this was a safe and reputable site. He drafted our agreement within 24 hours. We had all the necessary paperwork signed and notarized. He filed the divorce with the court. The whole process took less than 30 days and we were officially divorced!
— Samantha L.
We had been married for 22 years but we hadn’t lived together for at least 8 years. We lived separate lives but never got divorced because it was so expensive. Most lawyers wanted at least $1,500 to do our divorce. Frugal Legal Services gave me the ability to get divorced quickly and cheaply. The experience was painless and easy from start to finish. I was relieved to finally get divorced.
— Jonathan D.
Frugal Legal Services was the right solution for me. I waited until all of our youngest child left for college before considering divorce. My wife and I had not slept in the same bed for at least 3 years. We were friends, but not lovers anymore. We knew how we wanted to split up all of our assets and all of our bills. It was just a matter of pushing the divorce through. With some guidance from Mr. Burroughs we were able to use Frugal Legal Services and we were divorced in 2 months.
— Alexa G.
Frugal Legal Services is the real deal. I had been on so many websites and this one the only one that does the paperwork and files the papers with the court. It is also the only online divorce site that I could find that includes a real attorney. My spouse and I had been separated over a year and we were divorced in one month.
— Tim S.
I have fairly limited writing experience, so please bear with me. I was a wreck dealing with my ex-wife (scared/intimidated) on custody of our son. Mr. Burroughs was patient and thorough with me through the entire process. I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Burroughs Law Office. I now have physical custody of my son. Thank you Mr. Burroughs! Thank you Geneva!
— Guy P.
Mr. Burroughs represented me in my divorce. He and his staff were always very professional and went above and beyond to ensure I understood everything that was going. They are truly a family firm with their clients best interests at heart! I would HIGHLY reccomend him and plan to continue using him for all my legal services.
— Sarah M.
My husband didn’t want to get divorced because he didn’t want to pay for the divorce. Every lawyer I called wanted at least $800 to get started. I decided to call Frugal Legal Services. I was so surprised to hear a compassionate and helpful voice on the phone. After that phone call, I wasn’t nervous about using Frugal Legal Services. After I filled out and submitted the first form online, all of the other correspondence was through e-mail directly with the attorney. I was divorced in 7 weeks.
— Jasmine M.
When I was served with papers by my ex-husband who already had custody of our 4 year old son, I was floored. Mr. Burroughs LISTENED, he didn’t talk to me like I was a nobody, like I didn’t matter. He instilled confidence in me, made me truly believe that all would be ok and he would not let me fall. He gave me the advice I needed and the steps to get things done. If I felt nervous or scared, I called or emailed him and he reassured me. If I was angry and needed to vent, he was there for me to lean on. While we were in court, he had professional, kind, and confident presence. He held it together beautifully and gracefully to help maintain MY sanity. But somehow in all that calm, you could still see the storm clouds rolling in quietly. He had a subtle intimidation that rocked my ex to the core. He never hestiated, stood his ground, and didn’t allow things to go unmentioned when we were in front of the judge. He may be a gentle giant but he is certainly no pushover and he knows his job and DOES his job well.
— Kathryn Z.