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Our philosophy is simple. Your divorce needn't be complicated or expensive. Too many couples waste marital assets or accumulate debt based on principle, casting logic and reason to the wayside. Others look for the quick and easy way out and attempt to do it themselves without any help or guidance. The truth is, many legal matters can be resolved quickly and efficiently with help and advice of an attorney for a lot less than you think.

Frugal Legal Services provides competent legal advice for the cost others charge you for the luxury of going it alone. Whether it is a step-parent adoption in Virginia or a simple no fault divorce, Frugal Legal Services may be just what you need. You likely spent a great deal of time and money getting into your relationship. There really is no compelling reason to do it yourself in Virginia. Do yourself a favor and get it right the first time when calling it quits.

Your divorce handled by a licensed virginia divorce/family law attorney

Your no fault divorce in Virginia will be handled by a licensed professional, a licensed Virginia divorce attorney who lives and works in Virginia. Should anything unexpected happen, just relax. You will not be alone in this process. What sets us apart from the competition is that a divorce lawyer is assigned to handle your divorce from start to finish. If your spouse changes his or her mind and wants to take it to trial, we can help. Of course, if you cannot afford formal legal representation in a contested divorce or choose to retain another attorney, you are under no obligation to continue using our services. We will simply withdraw as counsel of record.

About Virginia Divorce Attorney Lawren D. Burroughs:

A skilled trial attorney, Lawren D. Burroughs is a former Assistant Public Defender for the Office of the Public Defender in Norfolk, Virginia. Attorney Burroughs was a certified Guardian Ad Litem for the Commonwealth of Virginia and represented children in the cities of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Portsmouth. She handles family related matters of child custody, visitation, child support, and divorce (including same-sex divorce). In fact, she was among the first to finalize a same sex divorce in Virginia back in early November of 2014. She also has a background in retirement planning and manages a full-service family law firm in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

In addition to practicing law, Attorney Burroughs was an Adjunct Professor with Saint Leo University who taught in the areas of political science, criminal justice, and business law. Attorney Burroughs has also lectured local attorneys seeking continuing legal education credits on the topic of complying with the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act "SCRA" and handling military issues in family law.

Attorney Burroughs is a parent of four and a lifelong resident of Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is an active member of Saint Gregory the Great Catholic Church in Virginia Beach and a member of the Knights of Columbus. Attorney Burroughs is also a supporter of the LGBT community and a proud member of the LGBT Bar Association. 

To connect with a Virginia divorce attorney who understands the legal needs of people in Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads / Tidewater region seeking a simple, online uncontested divorce in Virginia, please contact us today.