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*Please be advised that in the event your spouse declines to cooperate in signing the separation agreement or the biological non-custodial parent declines to execute his/her consent to adoption, there are no refunds provided for unpaid filing fees by our office. We cover the cost of filing fees for matters we file on behalf of our clients; they are NOT a component of the flat fee our clients pay for legal services. We bill our flat rate fees for work performed and cover the filing fees separately after the separation agreement or step-parent adoption paperwork is signed/notarized and returned to our office for filing. With this in mind, please make certain your spouse or biological non-custodial parent will cooperate BEFORE proceeding with Frugal Legal Services®. If you would prefer to work through the agreement process separately in a potential divorce matter because you are unsure whether your spouse will cooperate, we do offer flat rate fee services to draft those documents as well. Please visit our SERVICES page for more information or call (757) 363-0077 to speak with our office before proceeding.

what is frugal legal services®?

Lawren D. Burroughs, Esq.

Lawren D. Burroughs, Esq.

Frugal Legal Services® is a set of online legal services that cover no fault/uncontested divorces, separation agreements, and step-parent adoptions. Each of these frugal legal services® are managed by an attorney and cover everything from start to finish for one very low flat rate fee.

Whether you're seeking freedom from an unhealthy relationship or are anxious to adopt your step-son or daughter, Frugal Legal Services® has you covered. We make the process nice and easy for a fraction of the cost you'd pay most law firms in Virginia. Since 2006, we have helped families through some of the toughest times imaginable. We've been a part of some rather remarkable events as well. Our commitment to excellence in everything we do carries through to our online legal services. We currently offer online legal services for no fault/uncontested divorces, step-parent adoptions, and adult name changes. We are working diligently on offering other online legal services throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. In every instance, we streamline the process so we can pass along savings to you. There's no compromise in quality, just in price. We keep things simple, easy, and affordable.

We take the 3 Step Divorce in Virginia to the next level.

  • You pay one low, flat-rate fee for your Frugal Legal Services® no fault/uncontested divorce in Virginia. Your fee even includes the court filing fee!

  • An attorney drafts all of your no fault divorce paperwork.

  • An attorney files and finalizes your no fault/uncontested divorce for you.

That's right. An attorney handles your Virginia uncontested divorce from start to finish. To keep our fees low, however, we handle all Frugal Legal Services® online.