We often hear from prospective clients who ask why we require a separation agreement in every case, even those where they've been separated for more than a year. The simplest answer is, it's how we keep the cost so low for a divorce. Shop around and see whether you can find an attorney driven divorce product for less. If you can, send it to us and we'll see whether we can beat that price for you. 

Here are three simple reasons why you need a separation agreement:

1. The Law says so.

It's required in many cases. The law requires it in cases where the parties have no children born or adopted of the marriage and are seeking a no fault divorce after less than one year of separation, but more than six months. There's just no way of getting around this one. It's a statutory requirement. See Virginia Code Section 20-121.02 for more information - or, make life simple and call us for more information.

2. The Court prefers a clean break and so should you!

All of the issues have to be agreed to by the parties. Specifically, the parties need to inform the court of what they'd like to do about any child-related issues, spousal support, and equitable distribution. What better way to do this than by informing the court in a written and signed marital and property settlement agreement? After all, how else will the court know what you intend? If you haven't quite worked through everything, but still want to proceed, you can always reserve some or all of the issues in your agreement. And while, yes, you can do-it-yourself like you would a shed or a new deck in your backyard, why would you. Even the simplest divorce is sufficiently complex to warrant the most basic level of care. And when that care can be offered for the same price some outfits choose to charge for the paperwork itself, why in the world would you consider any other alternative? Let us build your metaphorical shed or deck. Let us erect the framework of your new home. It may end up costing you more in the long run if you don't.

3. Who has time for Court?

You shouldn't be required to appear in court. With an agreement, you and your spouse can divorce by affidavit. Without it, you may be required to present depositions in person or appear before the Court to enter evidence. That costs both time and money, neither of which anyone should spend frivolously.

So we keep the cost low, we do it for you, and no one should need to appear in court. Sounds good, right? If you want to get started, please call with any questions or go directly to www.frugallegal.com today! Let us handle your divorce for you for less.